Resolutiion The hero running through a forest in glorious pixels.

In the dark future, a lonely soldier fights for …

Between the silent towers of Cloud City and the faceless machines of the Phantom’s Pit lie secrets in sand, wood and flesh. The soldier awakes in a world of the mind, joining Alibii on a journey to find answers and decipher the Cradle’s code.

Resolutiion spawns a lush world of light and pixels, inspired by classic Zelda and similar action-adventure-games. It’s independently developed by two brothers in Germany, with a little help of individuals all around the world, masquerading as the “Monolith of Minds” collective.

The game is set to be released by the end of 2018 for PC, Windows, OSX, and Linux. We split development into three phases:

Phase I

Proof of concept


We set out to build an hour of playtime, to define the type of game, visual style and setting. This included scenes, enemies and the battle-system.

Phase II

Story & content


Right now we’re crafting the greater part of the world in a rough version. Combining maps, items and quests will define the story and make the game accessible as a whole.

Phase III

Polish & release


The last phase will focus on refining the existing experience. Adding in final details, secrets and options will go along with extensive play-testing until the release.

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