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An old Killer on invisible strings

The Infinite Empire shrugs. Escort a curious AI through chaotic combat, confusing puzzles, and moments of unsettling calm to save your reality from shattering into chaos.

Resolutiion’s 2D dreamworld of lovely pixels, dirty jokes, deep ideas and badassemotional tunes is inspired by classic Zelda and similar action-adventure-games.

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Achromatic — The sketches and concepts of Resolutiion

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Valor fighting a swarm of Atollers

A dreaming God who can’t wake up

Gather a weird collection of weapons and stories as you piece together the past in a fragmented future. Take on a multi-cultural-mashup of cynical gods, emotional machines, zealots, luddites and furry critters.

The Resolver hails down a storm of bullets; shift reality with the magic of the Chromatic Aberration; guide Bolshie the Worm through a labyrinth below the Sea — Resolutiion’s aresenal of odd items will not let you down.

Vallor speed boosting with the Screentearing

A curious Algorithm, craving for emotion

Solve the mystery of the Cradles while the story of a friend betrayed and a family broken unfolds in a world that doesn’t care if it confuses or kills you — oh hey, a kitty!

Resolutiion’s handcrafted maps span more than ten distinct regions, from the silent towers of Cloud City, to the merciless machines of the Phantom Pit, each with unique environments, puzzles, and monstrous bosses.

Here kitty-kitty…

“This is a world filled with secrets and mysteries, and it’s hard not to get captivated by it all.”
8.5/10 Gamecrate

“As unforgiving as it is, Resolutiion is beautiful, fun and intriguing — and getting to grips with its mesmerizing world is a reward in itself.”
8/10 Gamespew

“Sometimes a game comes along that does things so differently, it’s a bit hard to compare to anything else.”
8.5/10 Waytoomanygames

Ambient and Assault, the Soundtrack of Resolutiion

Ambient & Assault: Resolutiion’s Soundtrack

Resolutiion’s soundtrack by artist and composer Gerrit Wolf is split across two records, each with their own distinct character: Ambient encapsulates the mesmerizing moments of a new, emerging world, while Assault is where the claw strikes the sword.

Polychromatic, The Art of Resolutiion

Polychromatic: The Art of Resolutiion

Polychromatic is the 270 pages long companion of Resolutiion, featuring an indepth view on the artstyle of the game. It documents a five year development process, with lots of details and descriptions about how everything came together and evolved, available as a free DLC with Resolutiion on Steam.

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Richi and Guenther of Monolith of Minds

Monolith of Minds

Monolith of Minds are Richi and Günther, two angry German brothers, building Resolutiion one pixel, one frame, one line of code at a time, one line of copy at a time, since 2015.

Talk to us on Twitter or write a mail: [email protected]

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