Between the silent towers of Cloud City and the faceless machines of the Phantom’s Pit lie secrets in sand, wood and flesh. A lonely soldier and the AI Alibii journey to find answers and decipher the Cradle’s code, when… Holy balls! A giant blue cat?

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Resolutiion is currently in development, to be released sometime in 2019 for Windows, OS X and Linux. Subscribe to the newsletter for monthly updates, stories and behind the scenes content:

Resolutiion spawns a lush world of light and pixels, inspired by classic Zelda and similar action-adventure-games. The inter-connected map features six distinct regions, each with unique environments, puzzles, and bosses.

Battle enemies with mighty weapons and items: The Resolver hails down a storm of bullets; Shift reality with the magic of the Chromatic Aberration; guide Bolshie the Worm through a labyrinth below the Sea; limited only by the scope of your power-fantasies.

As you progress on your mission, a layered story unfolds: The corrupted Tribes pray to megalithic machines, threatening the foundation of the Infinite Empire. From within this conflict three mysterious entities emerge offering their guidance: Red, Green and Blue — are they prophets of doom or salvation?


In late 2015 the brothers Richi and Günther had coffee and joked about creating the highest form of art humanity has explored: building a video game. As it turned out, they had no experience in this, whatsoever.

Taking one step at a time, pixels, story and prototypes emerged. With entirely harmless ambitions, they attracted more unsuspecting victims to the cause, forming the loosely organized Monolith of Minds collective.

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